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Our expertise lies in the development and maintenance of sofware solutions for commercial insurance companies

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What it is like to work for SWS UGSC

Having a job that adapts working time to the individual needs of a person, being part of a friendly and helpful team, having clearly defined goals and at the same time feeling a human approach in solving them - everyone's dream and reality at UGSC.

Timotej Husár


What it is like to work for SWS UGSC

I like sports and thanks to flexible working hours, I can perfectly combine sports activities with my work. Such flexible working hours at UNIQA GSC allow me, for example, to train comfortably before starting to fulfill my work duties.

Daniel Jurčík


What it is like to work for SWS UGSC

Working at UNIQA GSC is a joy because it gives me the opportunity to further develop and advance in what I excel at. With the right colleagues, anything can be accomplished, and thanks to them, I am not afraid to face every new challenge. Flexible working hours, which are very important to me as a mother, help me to adapt all of this to the needs of the family.

Dagmar Fazekašová


What it is like to work for SWS UGSC

I like many things about my job at UNIQA GSC, from the educational opportunities to various benefits. But what I appreciate the most is the fair approach of senior colleagues, who are willing to motivate and support juniors not only in achieving the desired work results, but also in the field of personal growth.

Barbora Juríková


Our employees are
paramount to us

Home-office and flexible working hours

Embrace work-life balance with our flexible hours policy. Tailor your work schedule to your needs, ensuring both productivity and personal well-being.

Stable and reliable employer

A friendly working environment awaits you with a supportive team. Colleagues – specialists will not only assist you in achieving desired results but will also support your personal growth.

Attractive remuneration

In addition, you can look forward to a quaranteed 13th and 14th salary.

Education and Language Courses

Work, learn, and grow with us in your own way. We offer language courses in German and English.

Relaxation and regeneration

Work-life balance is not just a trendy phrase for us. We attribute equal importance to both physical and mental health.

Sport activities

Utilize your time effectively with us. We provie you with a MultiSport card, and much more.

Social activities

Join us for more than work – we create meaningful connections through engaging team-building events. At UGSC teamwork is at the heart of innovation.

Gift Vouchers

Various employee discounts.


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